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Personalized Children’s Horse Gifts from Frecklebox

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Do you have a budding young equestrian in your family?  These personalized children’s horse gifts will appeal to both parents and children! 

We love the these clipboards since they can be used to help teach organization and responsibility.  Print out a list of everything needed for a horse show, attach it to this personalized clipboard and let your son or daughter use it to gather their horse show essentials.

Blue Horseshoe Clipboard, Personalized Children's Horse Gifts     Pink Horseshoe Clipboard, Personalized Children's Horse Gifts

There is no doubt about it — horse back riding is an expensive sport.  Use this opportunity to teach your child financial responsibility.  Require them to help pay for their fun by saving a certain amount of pennies each month in this adorable personalized horse theme piggy bank.

horsies coin bank, Personalized Children's Horse Gifts
For those rainy days when you can’t go to the barn!
Cowboy Coloring Books, Personalized Children's Horse Gifts      Personalized Horse Puzzle, Personalized Children's Horse Gifts

More about Frecklebox

Frecklebox allows you to bring your children’s imagination to life with personalized gifts such as storybooks, lunch boxes, notebooks, sketchbooks, and much more! Let your child decorate lockers, notebooks, and belongings with personalized stickers. Need a rainy day activity? The personalized puzzle is great and proudly displays the child’s name once the puzzle is completed. You can even decorate a room with Frecklebox wall art. A child’s name can be displayed in fun and unique designs which is the perfect accent for any room! Enjoy!

Heels down. Eyes up. Ride the corners.