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Girls Colorful Riding Boots – Western Style

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Girls Colorful Riding Boots - Western Style

Kids Cowboy Boots >> Warning! Buying hot pink riding boots might get your daughter hooked on riding for life! Or any and all colorful riding boots will do the trick 🙂

Girls Colorful Riding Boots

OMG! Young girls will go absolutely crazy over these colorful riding boots and western style cowboy boots.  Izzy’s first pair of boots were bought for a family vacation at a wonderful dude ranch in Colorado.  She of course wore hot pink boots with a purple fringed vest all day everyday!  From the moment she donned those boots that first day and strutted confidently out to her horse she was hooked on riding forever and always. We haven’t even showed you all the options. My gut, if Izzy were choosing today, she would have a hard time passing on any of these pink cowboy boots.

If your child is serious about riding, color should not be the only criteria for choosing a boot. Here’s what Equestrian Collections has to say about The Importance of Riding Boots for Your Child

For safety and comfort, correctly fitting kids’ equestrian riding boots are essential.  For riding, paddock boots and tall boots have correctly sized heels that will not allow the foot to slip through the stirrup and soles that will not slip in the stirrup. Kids riding boots also offer ankle support that regular boots will not necessarily do.
Depending on the level of rider, Equestrian Collections offer kids’ paddock boots and tall boots at price points to suit your budget. Most young riders start off in short, paddock boots and will continue to wear them for schooling, often with half chaps. Typically, kids who riding English and show hunters transition to tall boots around the age of 13, or when they switch from riding ponies to horses. 
For around the barn, Equestrian Collections offer English and Western sized junior versions of barn boots, rain boots and western boots, so that your young rider stays comfortable and dry.

OK – We couldn’t resist  – here is just  sampling of all the adorable pink boots available!

Be sure to check out the mother daughter matching boots on — too cute!
Heels down. Eyes up. Ride the corners.